If you are a small business that has been declined by a bank, there is good news. You can still obtain affordable working capital and get it in a timely manner. Using an alternative type of financing, called Merchant Cash Advance, you can use your credit and debit card sales as leverage to receive funds today. The program is different than a loan and more closely resembles a factoring transaction. Merchant Cash Advance companies will buy your future card revenues and give you cash in exchange. From that point on, a  percentage of every credit card transaction will be withheld and applied to the Merchant Cash Advance company's purchase.

The great part about how it works is that there is no fixed timeframe for when this program has to be completed. If the pace of your sales increase, then payments to the MCA provider will happen quicker. If your sales slow down, then the payments are slow down. This is the single most popular reason that MCA is better than a loan. Banks require that payments are made regardless of how the business performs. Imagine having a few slow months and then having the bank declare you to be in default. They can liquidate your business, auction off your house, and forever ruin your credit.

The Merchant Cash Advance Industry would never let something that happen. They understand that there are ups and downs. There is also no personal guaranty or collateral required. Now that's fair financing!


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